In the summer of 2017, our Founder, Ha Tran travelled to Vietnam with her family.  She wanted to show her two sons, Nike and Dunkan, the town where her dad is from so they went to Hue.  In Hue, she got connected with Nguyen Pham who was currently playing for the VBA (Vietnamese Basketball Association) Danang Dragons.  He invited her family to his court where she met a group of wonderful youths who loved the game.  She noticed that they only recently started playing basketball, so they asked her family many questions.  Being a Camp Director with the Seattle Sonics/Storm, she came up with the idea of putting on a camp for the kids.  A week later, she came back to Hue with her family and put on a free camp giving away t-shirts, shoes, jerseys, Saigon Heat merchandise and providing lunch to all participants.  Kids were overjoyed and so appreciative that she wanted to continue putting smiles on their faces! That is how her dream of spreading basketball throughout Vietnam began!