If your actions inspire others, then you are a leader

Shoes and Shirts

A recurring gift of $15 a month allows us to provide a child with essential training clothes and shoes each month. Your monthly gift will help over 10 youths a year!

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Training Gear

A recurring gift of $30 a month allows us to provide youths and women basketball training gear like basketballs, cones, weights, basketball hoops etc.

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Team Uniforms

A recurring gift of $45 a month allows us to provide basketball teams uniforms and practice gear so they can compete with other basketball clubs in their province.

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Globally, 81% of adolescents aged 11-17 years were insufficiently physically active in 2010. Adolescent girls were less active than adolescent boys, with 84% vs. 78% not meeting standard recommendations. Further, the percentage of those youths receiving sufficient amount of daily exercise more than doubles in developed countries.

How we are solving it

HoopitForward has inspired hundreds of rural families to prioritize health and hygiene and social responsibility. We provide free basketball clinics in different cities in Vietnam giving each camper free basketball shirts, basketballs as well as leaving cities with training gear to continue promoting exercise after we leave.

How can you be an inspiration?

Help HoopitForward provide shoes, training gear and uniforms to those in need. Partner with us so we can sponsor or build a new basketball court to a province that is lacking!