We are a non-profit organization who puts on FREE basketball camps in rural areas in Southeast Asia. We educate them on the importance of exercise, health, and hygiene. Camps are open to everybody in the community but attendees but must apply with an application and write an essay specific to that camp. All campers will receive complimentary items such as camp T-shirt, a basketball, soap/toothbrushes/deodorant and participation certificates. We also provide free snacks and drinks at each session. We will always leave fitness equipment/gear with the communities we visit so they can continue to promote good health. We encourage campers to be good citizens and teach them life lessons in hopes that our impact will motivate our campers to pay it forward.

Being Vietnamese, Ha Tran, knows how girls were often secondary compared to their boy classmates. Sports with girls were frowned upon growing up and she often sees girls on the sidelines just watching the boys participate. She wants girls to have opportunities in sports so she feels it is important to host girls/women only sessions so that they feel empowered and know that they are just important as boys!


Besides promoting good health and exercise, we teach life lessons and shower kids with “Love” in hopes that they feel empowered and respected.  Our motto is, “I Help, U Help, We all Help!”  Our goal is that youths realize the impact our camps made on them and they are motivated to give back to others in the future. Examples include teaching others the basketballs skills they learned at our camp or helping a fellow student who is struggling in school.  Giving back is limitless and we want the community we reach to understand that paying it forward is cool!